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The 7 Most Crucial Aspects Of An Effectively Designed Logo

The best logos are those that convey something special about a brand. A great logo is efficient and gets a point across without taking up too much space. Creating a top notch logo within these constraints can be challenging, so read on to learn more about the seven most crucial aspects.

1. Do Your Homework

When you are creating a new logo for your business, rushing is never the best way to go. Take your time and do your homework. A complete understanding of the company and their objectives helps greatly during the logo creation process. Knowing the company's mission for both the short and long term aids you greatly.

2. Create Something Unique

If a logo that you've created bears too many similarities to other logos you've seen in the marketplace, this is a sign that you need to go back to the drawing board and start over. The logo should attract the customer's attention, without reminding them of a different one. The logo should be unique, while also depicting important facts about the company.

3. Simplicity Is Prized

The best logos are those that are simple and do not rely on any fancy gimmicks in order to get the attention of the consumer. Logos are designed with one main purpose: to make the brand stand out in the mind of the public. A logo should be easy to remember, while also communicating a positive message.

4. Ensure Flexibility

A logo needs to have a certain amount of flexibility and versatility. When the logo only seems to work in certain contexts and formats, this is a sign that it still needs to work. The best logos can be placed on billboards, shopping bags, and any promotional materials that a company will decide to send out.

5. Avoid Clutter

Your logo is meant to make a quick statement about your company, not try to tell an entire story. Focus on creating a streamlined logo without all of the fancy bells and whistles. A logo that relies on too much clutter to tell its story is one that will be difficult for customers to remember over the long haul. Logos need to tell a story that is short, but sweet.

6. Use Easy To Read Fonts

The font that looks the coolest may not be the one that is read most easily by your customers. Logos can often look great on paper, but suffer from a readability standpoint once they are transferred to a larger canvas. Larger fonts aren't always as fancy, but are much easier to see. It is pivotal to remember that the slickest looking font is not always the best font to use.

7. Color Schemes

The colors used in a logo can often end up making or breaking the logo's ability to connect with your audience. Using colors that complement each other well, against a simplistic backdrop of black or white typically works best. A memorable color scheme is a great way to implant your brand into the customer's memory banks.

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