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A Guide To Brochure Printing

You have to begin by either designing or choosing a layout that has provisions for both images and text that best disseminate the desired information. After that, you will then select the printing style that is most suitable to you. Usually, brochures are printed in several colors.

At this point, it is important to note that there are two main types of printing. One is laser printing and the other is offset printing. Laser printing is also known as digital printing. While both types of printing can be used to churn out huge quantities of printed materials with high quality at relatively short time frame, full commercial and high quality printing jobs are mostly done through offset printing.

For those that are new to the art of printing, offset printing is done by first spreading ink on a metal plate with images already etched on it and then transferring it to a temporary intermediate surface. Thereafter, the main printing is done by exerting pressure on the paper against the intermediate surface. Offset printing itself is relatively cheap but the cost of setting it up can be on the high side.

The mechanism of laser printing, where a laser beam is used to create an image on paper, is similar to the mechanism of a photocopying machine. The advantage offset printing has over laser printing is that documents from offset printing are generally clearer and they have images of higher resolution. However, its major disadvantage is its high cost of set up. This is the reason it is more economical to use digital printing for printing small quantity documents as it cuts off set up and shipping costs.

Since there are different kinds of papers and these papers vary in quality and cost, selecting the best kind of paper is also vital to the production of high quality printing jobs. It is highly advisable to select glossy and heavyweight papers to be able to maximize quality. Since brochure design is one of our services we can help you design your printing jobs or have you choose from our most recent works.

Another feature that determines a good brochure is the folding. There are three main kinds of folds – The Z fold, tri fold and the single or half fold. The tri fold allows you open both left and right flaps while the Z fold is opened like an accordion. Printing of brochures can be a fantastic experience if you consult highly professional and experienced hands. If you need high quality brochures delivered to you in the shortest possible time, kindly make your order on our product page. For any information and enquiry, please feel free to contact us.


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A Guide To Brochure Printing

It is possible to make brochure printing as simple as ABC if you follow the guides enumerated in this article. First of all, you need to be specific and precise with your needs. Secondly, you need to define your budget and adhere strictly to it. Your need could be a data sheet, a trade show handout, a new application or even a listing for real estate. Whatever it is, printing a brochure for it is one of the most effective promotional strategies.


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